Cabana – Great Brazilian Restaurant in London

Colourful décor, great environment, friendly staff, good price and great food. This is how I would describe Cabana, a new chain of Brazilian restaurants in London. They have three restaurants already, one in Covent Garden and other two at both Westfield Shopping Centers.

Cabana Restaurant

I have been living in London for nearly 5 years and since then I have always been looking for good Brazilian restaurants that would make me feel like I was back home. The problem is that almost every Brazilian restaurant in London is a “Rodizio” style, meaning it is buffet-style with the meat brought around on large skewers. The problem with these restaurants is that you always go there for the meat and not for the food plus they tend to be very pricey.

Well, Cabana has provided me the experience and food that I have been looking for all this time. The décor of the restaurant is amazing; I loved the kites hanging from ceiling. Every single detail at the restaurant has been thought of carefully, even the glasses and plates. I loved drinking Guarana from an “Americano” cup; it made me feel like home.


For starter we ordered guaca-molho which is guacamole with plantain crisps, and although I have never eaten this before Brazilians do love bananas of any type, and we always include it in our dishes. It was very delicious and the plantain with guacamole worked really well together.

For main I ordered Feijoada which is slow cooked black beans with pork, sausage and some other meats. This is one of the most popular Brazilian dishes and also my favourite. My boyfriend ordered ribs and homeslaw (not very Brazilian).


The best way to find out whether a Brazilian restaurant is good or not is to try their feijoada as it requires a long time to prepare and if bad quality ingredients are used it won’t taste as good. Their feijoada tasted amazing; the beans were cooked long enough and the rice was dry and full of flavour just the way we like it, the only thing missing was the “couve salad”. The ribs were cooked slowly, the Brazilian style however they used barbeque sauce which is not very Brazilian but it was still very delicious.

I didn’t try the deserts as I was very full after lunch. They bring the bill in this little bowl that has some “fitinhas de Nossa Senhora Aparecida” which is a very Brazilian thing to have I loved it. So for anyone looking for a good and affordable Brazilian food Cabana is the place to go, I left the restaurant with a big smile on my face as I now know where to go next time I feel home sick.


One response to “Cabana – Great Brazilian Restaurant in London

  1. Nossaaaa, imagina o que é comer uma boa feijoada com uma farofinha bem brasileira depois de tanto tempo *-* Mas tomara que a gente nao sinta falta da comida daqui tão cedo quando chegar em Londres. 😀 Mas uma ótima pedida pra quem mora aí né. Gostei

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